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Our technical team works closely with developers using the Thinkmap SDK to help them create successful applications. To do this, we have developed a process which is effective at achieving a quick solution to support issues. As a general philosophy, we believe that a combination of precise communication and a full understanding of the issues involved leads to both quick resolution of problems and achievement of development goals.

Our support team is staffed by developers who have significant experience with the SDK, so in addition to helping customers solve technical issues that they might run across in their implementation, we also can offer strategic advise about architecture and development strategies.

We offer three levels of support contracts, bronze, silver and gold, with varying degrees of access.

Thinkmap customers who have maintenance contracts can access the support portal here.

Thinkmap Intensive Training Seminar (Thinkmap Bootcamp)

For customers who are looking for more focused development help, we offer our Bootcamp training. Thinkmap "Bootcamp" offers intensive, seminar-based training that can quickly help you develop and deploy Thinkmap visualizations customized to your data and your organization. The curriculum centers on posing and answering specific data, interface, usability, and deployment questions that will help you create successful Thinkmap visualizations for your organization in a shortened time frame. The Thinkmap Training Team will work with your data and your development and project management team to create a roadmap for your custom Thinkmap visualization application.

Thinkmap Bootcamp Curriculum focuses on topics such as goals for the data discovery application, data structures, design and interface issues, time/cost budgeting for internal development, and deployment scenarios, including technical requirements for enterprise-level deployments. We offer a number of options for our seminars to meet your budget and training needs.

To learn more about our support offerings, please contact us at or call 212-285-8600.

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