Thinkmap puts content into context, and is a good example of an emerging trend of making it easier for people to find and use knowledge. --Larry Prusak, Distinguished scholar in residence, Babson College
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Thinkmap products are enterprise-level software applications that help organizations manage and share complex digital information.

Thinkmap SDK

The Thinkmap SDK helps organizations make sense of information. It is the cornerstone of a new type of enterprise application in which data is presented contextually and intuitively. Thinkmap is Web-based, data-driven, scalable, and can be integrated with a broad range of systems and technologies.

Visual Thesaurus

The Visual Thesaurus is a thesaurus and dictionary that takes a unique, and remarkably beautiful, approach to presenting the results of a word lookup. Type in a word, click "go," and you're rewarded with a colorful, interactive map of the meaning of your word.

Although you may have used a thesaurus before, either in book form or as a software application, you will find the Visual Thesaurus to be an entirely new experience. It gives you insight into the structure and intricacy of the English language.

Thinkmap. Visualize Complex Information.