Thinkmap 2.8.5 Released
New-York-Based Thinkmap, Inc announced today the release of Thinkmap SDK 2.8.5, which represents a significant enhancement of the leading visualization toolkit. In addition to numerous performance improvements, Thinkmap 2.8.5 offers two new visualization components. The first, an improvement of Thinkmap's hierarchical visualization, makes it much easier to show hierarchical data such as organizational charts and taxonomies. The second, a more fully developed chronology visualization, allows for the presentation of relationships within time-series data. These new visualizations enable Thinkmap customers to more effectively represent their data, leading to better understanding of complex data.
In order to highlight the new functionality, Thinkmap also released a new demonstration web site at This site features a series of explorations that use Thinkmap visualizations with publicly available data sources. These include a visualization of patent citations, an organizational chart, the United States Budget, the taxonomy of living things, and the family tree of the royal families of Europe.
"We're pleased to offer these improvements to our customers," says Thinkmap CEO Michael Freedman. "As the sheer amount of information that is available increases, these new visualization paradigms enable our customers to fully exploit the hidden knowledge that is implicit in their data."
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