New Partnership with Asynchrony Solutions to Better Serve Growing Number of U.S. Government Customers

NEW YORK, March, 2005—Thinkmap, Inc., (, a leading developer of visualization technology, announced today that it has entered into a new partnership with Asynchrony Solutions, Inc. (, an award-winning provider of integration, application, and collaboration solutions, to place Thinkmap's visualization software onto Asynchrony's GSA schedule. This new agreement will make it much easier for government agencies and integrators to obtain and use Thinkmap to create visual maps of their complex information in the areas of documentation, CRM, supply chain management, logistics and intelligence.

Thinkmap allows users to make sense of complex information in ways that traditional interfaces are incapable of. For instance, Visual Thesaurus ( showcases this unique capability by transforming the thesaurus into an interactive tool that encourages exploration and learning. Users can instantly see the relationships between words and quickly change views to discover hidden correlations and connections.

Significant relationships between data that might take a trained analyst hundreds of hours to determine by pouring over spreadsheets and databases can be quickly discovered by the intuitive visual representations that Thinkmap provides. The Department of Defense, National Security and Public Safety agencies have a particularly critical need for this powerful means to quickly find meaningful relationships hidden within large data repositories.

Thinkmap and Asynchrony Solutions began working together on visualization projects in 2004. Together, they have applied the Thinkmap technology to create innovative solutions for government projects in the defense and national security sphere. Asynchrony is a preferred solutions provider and reseller of the Thinkmap software.

"After our experience working with Thinkmap for customers such as the Naval War College and Joint Explosive Ordinance Disposal (JEOD), we were convinced that this tool has a tremendous market in the government space," said Asynchrony President Steve Elfanbaum. "We use Thinkmap to help build solutions that allow our customers to transform raw data into meaningful, actionable information."

The Thinkmap SDK (v.2.5) enables customers to create their own customized Thinkmap applications with their data and to integrate with their Enterprise applications. Thinkmap SDK is sold in three editions: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. Prices start at $5,000, with educational discounts available. For more information about this partnership or to learn more about Thinkmap's products and services call the company at 212-285-8600.

The GSA (General Services Administration) is a U.S. government federal agency that helps all federal agencies acquire products and services by contracting with federal and commercial sources. GSA negotiates fair and reasonable pricing, thus allowing procurement managers to only determine that an offer is the "best value." Orders placed against GSA Schedules meet the requirements for full and open competition.

Asynchrony Solutions, Inc. is an innovative software technology firm with a growing line of products and services focused on systems integration, custom application development and collaboration. Clients include Global 2000 companies and Government agencies. More information is available on the Web at

Thinkmap, Inc. develops and markets software that uses visualization to facilitate communication, learning, and discovery. The company specializes in user interfaces and visualization mechanisms that allow end-users to more effectively browse and understand complex information. Thinkmap customers include General Dynamics, Unisys, American Century, Pfizer, and NOAA. Thinkmap is located at 157 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10007. The general phone number is 212-285-8600; Web site is; and general email is

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