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Motorola Ventures

For over 75 years, Motorola has been an innovator in electronics and communications, and today is a global leader in wireless, automotive, and broadband communications. Motorola Ventures, the venture capital arm of Motorola, seeks to invest in companies who have developed cutting-edge technology that can help Motorola achieve the best solutions to fit their customers’ needs.

Motorola Ventures wished to introduce its portfolio companies to a wider community. They looked to Thinkmap technology to build an interactive portfolio to demonstrate the patterns behind their investment decisions and to help promote Motorola Ventures to entrepreneurs, to other venture funds with whom Motorola Ventures might co-invest, and to the larger Motorola community.

The Thinkmap-powered Portfolio of Companies enables users to browse Motorola Ventures’ investments through the attributes that they have in common. The Portfolio visualizes the connections among the investments, enabling the user to select a company and quickly see other investments that are within the same industry or that target the same technology market. Likewise, the user can select an industry or technology market and view related companies.

Browsing through the Portfolio of Companies, a user can get a broad overview of the industry and technology market coverage of Motorola Ventures’ investments. A “dashboard” provides the user with additional information, including geographical location and the Motorola Venture office that manages the investment in the selected company. The Portfolio of Companies gives Motorola Ventures a unique, powerful, and cutting-edge way to showcase their investments.

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