Thinkmap® Powers Soundtrack for a Century
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Thinkmap Technology Provides Intuitive Approach to Accessing a Century of the World's Most Influential Artists and their Music
New York, January 5, 2000 —Plumb Design today announced its part in developing a Web site ( dedicated to Sony Music's Soundtrack For A Century 26-CD boxed set. The site offers users a unique vehicle for accessing and interrelating many of this century's most important artists, albums and producers through an interface driven by Thinkmap technology.
In devising its Internet strategy for disseminating such extreme breadth and depth of content to music listeners across the world, Sony Music turned to Plumb Design for its ability to distill an enormous amount of content into an intuitive and relational format. The Soundtrack of a Century Web site is designed to encourage exploration. As visitors to the site explore and listen to different tracks, they are provided with a Thinkmap timeline that adjusts dynamically to provide context. Written in Java, Thinkmap technology gives users the ability to understand complex interdependent information through interacting with the data in real-time. Through this fluid, time-line format, Thinkmap provides users with a self-guided learning center, from which they may both seek and browse the Soundtrack For A Century site.
Thinkmap's responsiveness creates a myriad of possible user interactions. Clicking on any visible track item in the display pulls in more data and offers users further access to unexpected relationships with other artists and tracks from the collection. Thinkmap offers users a rich and comprehensive content education as they navigate their own course through Sony Music's unparalleled collection.
"The Thinkmap timeline provides a fascinating way to move through the site," said Jeff Jones, Senior Vice President, Legacy Recordings. "This is the type of site that people could spend hours exploring."
Plumb Design was responsible for design and development of the site, which takes advantage of a number of advanced technologies to improve the user experience.
"We greatly enjoyed developing this site," said Plumb Design CEO Mary Azzarto. "It's rare to have an opportunity to develop an interface to content as rich as that available from the Soundtrack of a Century collection."
The Soundtrack for a Century site represents Sony Music's second implementation of the Thinkmap technology. Users can also view
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