Plumb Design Joins Experience Music Project in Unveiling
Redesigned, Expanded Site Introduces New Immersive Rock 'N' Roll Museum
New York, June 8, 2000 —Plumb Design, the New York-based interactive services and software firm, announces its involvement in the redesign of, the Web site for Experience Music Project (EMP), the experiential rock 'n' roll museum opening in Seattle on June 23, 2000. EMP is a new kind of museum that celebrates the innovation and creativity of American popular music as embodied by rock 'n' roll, its ancestors (R&B, jazz, soul, gospel, etc.) and descendents (punk, hip hop, electronica, etc.). Visitors to the museum see an extensive collection of artifacts, ranging from fragments of the guitar smashed by Jimi Hendrix at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival to Dr. Dre's drum machine.
Plumb Design collaborated with EMP's Online Development team to capture the love of music and passion for creativity that define EMP. Drawing on the museum's energy, combines vigorous design and interactive multimedia components to bring the EMP experience into users' homes, giving them a taste of what awaits them in EMP's dynamic Frank O. Gehry-designed building.
Through streaming audio and video and a commitment to interactivity, immerses the user in the EMP experience. Every aspect of EMP is represented, giving visitors a glimpse of the museum's vast collection of more than 80,000 artifacts, a preview of its special exhibits, and a sense of how EMP celebrates the originality and innovation of American popular music. More than a primer for the physical museum, is a resource for music lovers of all ages. Live online guitar lessons, interviews with music pioneers and trailblazers, and a list of resources for up-and-coming bands make a true gathering place for fans to learn, collaborate, and share in the creative process.
"During the design process we visited EMP in construction and experienced some of the exhibits. Through our interaction with both the exhibits and the Gehry building, we absorbed the energy that makes EMP unique and memorable. This spirit of improvisation and experimentation became the driving force behind our work. The site, like the building, is an expression of the passion behind the music," said Michael Freedman, Director of Business Development for Plumb Design.
The visit to Seattle also informed Plumb Design's development of two rich media features that allow users to learn through interaction. EMP's online team produced the content of these features, with the design driven by Plumb Design. The Flash-based animated Hip Hop Timeline uses selected artifacts and video and music clips to chronicle the explosive growth of hip hop as a musical form, from Grandmaster Flash to Dr. Dre. And the Guitar and Bass Timeline is an interactive tour that tells the story of the instrument that made rock 'n' roll possible. Through the Flash-animated timeline users learn the history of selected guitars through listening, comparing the acoustics of each guitar, and hearing how bands such as The Police and Led Zeppelin played the instruments in actual recordings.
Plumb Design also collaborated with EMP to create the EMP Digital Collection, a virtual representation of EMP's artifact collection that will be available via this summer. Through a unique navigation tool, site visitors will be able to uncover relationships between objects and see both close-up and contextual views of music memorabilia.
"At EMP we believe a museum is more than artifacts behind glass barriers, and we wanted our Web site to reflect that belief. Together with Plumb Design we were able to build a site that is a tremendous resource for users. is an adrenaline rush, and we think users will respond to that and get a true understanding of EMP," Diane Andolsek, Director of Online Development for EMP.
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About Experience Music Project
Dedicated to exploring creativity and innovation in American popular music, EMP is a new kind of museum that strives to capture and reflect the essence of rock 'n' roll, its roots in jazz, soul, gospel, country and the blues, as well as rock music's influence on hip hop, punk and other recent genres. A total sensory experience awaits visitors when doors officially open. Patrons will make their own music, see and learn about rare artifacts and memorabilia from EMP's collection of more than 80,000 items, explore various musical milestones within unique interpretive exhibits, feel the power of the creative force by listening to musicians tell their own stories, and discover the power and joy of music in all its forms. Founded by investor and philanthropist Paul G. Allen, under the direction of co-founder Jody Patton and designed by architect Frank O. Gehry, the 140,000-square-foot multi-colored and "swoopy" museum rises up in the heart of Seattle and provides visitors a musical experience unparalleled anywhere in the world. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, EMP is on the Web at EMP officially opens on June 23 and expects more than one million visitors during the course of its first year.
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