Bacardi Limited Launches New Web Site Using Cutting-Edge Thinkmap® Navigation Technology
Explore the history & passion behind BACARDI rum
MIAMI, December 11, 1998 —Bacardi launches a new Web site today (, and becomes the first consumer brand to use the visually spectacular Thinkmap® technology as an online navigational device. Visitors to will find a richly textured, highly interactive Web site in perpetual motion, anchored by a 3-D navigational device that lets the user explore the relationships between the Bacardi family history and the world's top-selling rum today.
The new navigational technology offers infinite ways to explore the history and passion of the Bacardi company since 1862; in fact, a visitor will never travel the same path twice. The Bacardi story is a rich tale that spans the Spanish American War, two World Wars, and exile from Cuba in 1960.
The new site will offer visitors everything from bartending tips and free downloadable vintage posters, to recipe books and a clever Drink Wizard who can tell perplexed hosts exactly what drinks can be made from the current ingredients in their refrigerators or cupboards. Visitors to the site can expect an entertaining and informative ride, beginning with a trip back to the days when rum was the favored drink of Caribbean pirates. They'll get to know Don Facundo Bacardi, a wine merchant who began experimenting with rum production in Santiago de Cuba and hear the tale of how the BACARDI Bat Device (logo) was born, as told firsthand by the Bat himself.
"We had the daunting challenge of presenting the 136-year history of one of the world's top ten most recognizable brands, using a cutting-edge technology that has only been used once before on the Web," says Jorge Rodriguez-Marquez, vice-president, Global Corporate Communications. "I believe Web enthusiasts and BACARDI enthusiasts alike will agree that we've found a great way to do so, one that assures a truly memorable interaction with the brand."
Here's what can be found on
  • Cocktail Search Engine Can't remember the recipe for the BACARDI Cuba Libre, Daiquirí or Mojito? No problem. Just enter the key ingredients and the Search Engine will tell you the name and the recipe.
  • "BatCam" For aspiring voyeurs everywhere, a "bat's eye view" of some of the world's great bar parties.
  • BACARDI Recipe Book Tempt your taste buds with mouth-watering recipes, including our many cocktail recipes along with food recipes such as Bacardi glazed spicy shrimp, double chocolate rum cake, Caribbean Coffee, and more.
  • Drink Wizard A helpful online mixologist who tells perplexed visitors exactly what drinks can be made from the current ingredients in their refrigerators or cupboards.
  • Virtual Cocktails Say "hello" with a BACARDI classic cocktail. Send a virtual cocktail to a friend, along with the recipe and your personal message.
  • Bacardi Club Finder From New York to Hong Kong, Bacardi reviews the best clubs around the world.
  • Bacardi Club Finder From New York to Hong Kong, Bacardi reviews the best clubs around the world.
  • Gallery of Advertising Trace the history of BACARDI advertising campaigns from the posters of the 1920's to the latest European television commercials, in real-time streaming video.
  • Ask the Bartender You don't have to be a professional bartender to know your way around a bar. For helpful bartending tips, Bacardi can answer any questions from measuring and mixers to equipment and glassware.
  • Every cocktail tells a story What was American author Ernest Hemingway's favorite drink? Who invented the Daiquirí? And why do you need a machete to make a Saoco cocktail? Discover the history and mystery behind BACARDI classic cocktails.
  • Get into the groove Forget the macarena -- learn how to do the "Cuba Libre," the hot new Cuban dance, by downloading this free screen saver.
  • The Free Zone Some of the best things in life are found in the BACARDI zone, including screensavers, downloadable vintage advertising posters, the BACARDI e-mail newsletter, and more.
  • The BACARDI store Order your favorite BACARDI apparel including T-shirts, hats, jackets, lighters, bar accessories and more.
The Web site was produced for Bacardi Limited by Edelman Interactive Solutions, a division of Edelman Public Relations Worldwide. The Thinkmap® technology was developed and contributed by New York-based Plumb Design, Inc.
Bacardi Limited is the world's largest privately held, family-owned spirits company, with headquarters in Bermuda. Originally established in Santiago de Cuba, the Company was founded by Don Facundo Bacardi in 1862. Today, Bacardi Limited is the producer of the world's great BACARDI rums and the owner of world renowned brands such as MARTINI vermouth, DEWAR'S scotch whiskey, and BOMBAY SAPPHIRE gin.
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