Plumb Design chosen by KM World Magazine as one of the 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management
New York, July 27, 2000 —Plumb Design, Inc., the New York-based interactive services and software firm, announces its selection as one of KM World Magazine's "100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management." KM World, a leading monthly print and online publication covering knowledge management, selected companies based on their leadership and experience in implementing solutions and developing technology that help organizations manage and leverage complex data.
In the July/August 2000 issue, Plumb Design is identified as a company that facilitates learning by making "complex information digestible and interesting instead of overwhelming." The companies singled out for recognition are described as "market makers" forging the path for innovation in the field of knowledge management.
For Plumb Design, the key to intelligent knowledge management is putting content into context. Exposing the connections between information frees users to identify and follow their interests and uncover useful and valuable information. Intuitive navigation solidifies the relationship between the user and the information, transforming each knowledge management solution into a valuable tool for workers, customers, and vendors. By offering a platform for sharing information, organizations can fully leverage their intellectual assets for streamlined and effective communication.
With Thinkmap®, its data animation software, Plumb Design offers organizations the ability to illustrate the relationships that exist within large databases. Users can follow the connections between items to find what they are looking for and to discover valuable, related information they might not have been aware of. Thinkmap increases the efficiency of organizations by connecting people with the information they need, encouraging communication and resulting in increased efficiency. For more information about Thinkmap, go to
About Plumb Design
New York-based Plumb Design, Inc., collaborates with its clients to produce online experiences that facilitate the exchange of knowledge and the interplay of ideas, transforming data into insight, knowledge, and ultimately, increased revenue. Our clients include Merrill Lynch, Bacardi, and the Smithsonian Institution. More information about Plumb Design can be found at
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