The Creators of the Visual Thesaurus Team with Key Educational Resellers to Bring Innovative Learning Product to the Classroom
New York, January 19, 2004 — Since its creation, the Visual Thesaurus, a 3-D interactive dictionary and thesaurus, powered by Thinkmap visualization technology, has been lauded for its beauty and design. In addition, many educators, parents, and students have admired the Visual Thesaurus because it makes learning about words fun! In response to their enthusiasm, Plumb Design has initiated a campaign to formally introduce the Visual Thesaurus into the education marketplace. As part of the effort, the Visual Thesaurus has secured partnerships with educational resellers and will be represented at major educational technology conferences this year.
In its inaugural education conference on January 6-9, 2004, the Visual Thesaurus teamed with TAG Learning to present the product at BETT in London, England. TAG is a leading publisher and supplier of educational software and peripherals in the UK. Next, the Visual Thesaurus team worked with Software Express at FETC (Florida Educational Technology Conference) in January 19-24, 2004.
Plumb Design is proud to announce partnerships with many leading educational resellers to sell the Visual Thesaurus. To date, the Visual Thesaurus has formed alliances with TAG, CCV Software, Educational Resources, Software Express, Academic Superstore, and Smart Kids Software. These partnerships will enable the Visual Thesaurus to reach the widest possible market of K-12 schools and districts across the United States and the United Kingdom, and will be instrumental in the growth of product sales.
Through its emphasis on exploration and vocabulary building, the Visual Thesaurus can improve reading, writing and communication skills. The software is geared to ages 9 to adult, and is valuable for basic skills, such as identifying parts of speech, and more advanced skills, such as creative writing or journalism. Educators have used the Visual Thesaurus successfully with gifted students, with ESL students, and for lessons in varied subject matter. The Visual Thesaurus can easily be adapted to any curriculum, including improving vocabulary within a standards-based curriculum. Teacher lesson plans and a student workbook are available to help teachers incorporate the Visual Thesaurus into the classroom.
Originally developed in 1998 as a demonstration of Thinkmap technology, and fully redesigned in 2002, the Visual Thesaurus was introduced as a consumer product in July 2003. The innovative reference software has met with rave reviews from educators—rated "A+" from Education World and selected as "One of the Best Products of 2003" from PC Magazine. The Visual Thesaurus has already experienced strong initial sales in both the school and consumer markets.
"We are very pleased with the initial reaction from the community of educators," said Plumb Design CEO Michael Freedman. "The response at the trade shows has been overwhelming, and our resellers have been pleasantly surprised by the number of educators who are familiar with the product and who have used it in the classroom."
The Visual Thesaurus is available as a CD-ROM and for download for $29.95 each from the company Web site ( Volume discounts begin at five (5) or more copies, and special educational pricing is available through our resellers. An Online Subscription Version of the Visual Thesaurus is planned for Spring 2004, which would allow schools or libraries more flexibility in installing the product.
You can contact us at Plumb Design, Inc., Visual Thesaurus, 157 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10007, 212-285-8600;;
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