Visual Thesaurus Now Available on CD-ROM
Interactive, 3-D visualization of English language available for Installation. No Internet Connection is Necessary.
New York, July 28, 2003 — Plumb Design, Inc. announces today the release of the award-winning Visual Thesaurus as a consumer product, available in CD-ROM format and for download ( Powered by Thinkmap (, the company's visualization technology, the Visual Thesaurus presents stunning displays of the English language in 3-dimensions.
Described by Matthew Mirapaul of the New York Times as "Inventive. Imaginative. Ingenious. Fanciful," and recently featured in the Economist, the online version of the Visual Thesaurus has become something of a cult favorite to people who frequent the Web. Originally developed as a demonstration project of Thinkmap technology in 1998, the response to the Visual Thesaurus has been overwhelming. The Visual Thesaurus Online Edition attracts over 20,000 unique word look-ups a day. Now the Visual Thesaurus is available for use at home, school or work, without any need to be connected to the Internet.
Although you may have used a thesaurus before, either in book form or as a software application, you will find the Visual Thesaurus to be an entirely new experience. Type in a word, click "go," and you're rewarded with a colorful, interactive map of the meaning of your word. Every word and meaning can be "clicked," which encourages exploration and discovery. Connected to Princeton University's WordNet database with nearly 140,000 words and related meanings, Visual Thesaurus search results are truly inspiring.
As a software product (CD-ROM or download), the Visual Thesaurus offers several new features: the ability to print high-resolution images of screen displays; a "copy and paste" function, so that you can move words easily from your document to the Visual Thesaurus; and the ability to limit the dictionary to remove words you find objectionable.
The Visual Thesaurus is available for $29.95 plus shipping and handling ( If you buy two or more, the shipping and handling is free.
You can contact us at Plumb Design, Inc., Visual Thesaurus, 157 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10007, 212-285-8600;;
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