Popular Visual Thesaurus now available through online subscription
A new way to purchase award-winning reference tool
New York, March 1, 2004 — Plumb Design, Inc. announced today that its award-winning Visual Thesaurus is now available as an online subscription for both institutions and individuals. Powered by Thinkmap (, the company's visualization technology, the Visual Thesaurus presents stunning displays of the English language in 3-dimensions.
The Visual Thesaurus was originally developed as a demonstration project of Thinkmap technology in 1998, and was fully redesigned in 2002. The latest version features dictionary meanings as well as related words and synonyms, color-coded filtering by part of speech and word relationship, and the Visual Thesaurus' signature interactive display. The Visual Thesaurus has been enormously popular, gaining rave reviews from writers and educators. The innovative reference tool has been cited in hundreds of publications worldwide, and the online edition averages 25,000 word look-ups a day.
Though the online version of the Visual Thesaurus used to be offered free of charge, the company made a strategic decision to charge users a small fee for full access to the product. The change was necessary in order to continue to provide the Visual Thesaurus as a resource on the Web and to make improvements to the software. According to CEO Michael Freedman, "We think that the Visual Thesaurus is a fantastic product, and we hope our users will agree that it is well worth this modest price. We feel the online subscription price, at just $2.95 a month or $11.95 a year, is affordable and the options for purchase, be it subscription, download, or CD-ROM, are flexible."
Within the education market, many educators had asked for the ease of installation that is possible with an online version. With the online version, institutions can offer access both within their network and to students and faculty working at home. Institutions also have the ability to apply filters to the dictionary, eliminating objectionable words. The pricing for online institutional subscriptions starts at $250.
A free demonstration of the Visual Thesaurus is still available at the Web site ( Although you may have used a thesaurus before, either in book form or as a software application, you will find the Visual Thesaurus to be an entirely new experience. Type in a word, click "Look It Up," and you are rewarded with a colorful, interactive map of the meaning of your word. Every word and meaning can be "clicked," which encourages exploration and discovery. Connected to Princeton University's WordNet database with nearly 140,000 words and related meanings, Visual Thesaurus search results are truly inspiring.
The Visual Thesaurus is available for use at home, school, or work in three formats: CD-ROM, download, and by online subscription. Online subscriptions are $2.95 per month, or $11.95 per year, with institutional pricing starting at $250. Online subscribers are eligible for free software updates, as long as their subscriptions are up to date. Institutional discounts are available for schools, libraries, and other large organizations.
You can contact us at Plumb Design, Inc., Visual Thesaurus, 157 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10007, 212-285-8600;;
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